About Us

Since its establishment in 2007 FARAH TOURISM became one of the leading companies in Turkey that specializes in five stars traveling and tourism, and a member in the Turkish Travel Agencies TURSAB.

Our headquarters are based in Istanbul and we have another offices in different major cities.
We work with companies from over 20 countries and we have clients from all over the world.
FARAH TOURISM offers exclusive and five stars services designed specially to please our clients.
FARAH TOURISM has build a repetition of being one of the leading tour operators in the region which offers all travel related services and has special services to VIP clients.


FARAH TOURISM - The only guaranteed lowest rates

FARAH TOURISM has a very good and extensive reputation for long-standing and strategic relations with airlines, hotels and reliable service providers across the travel industry in the Middle East and worldwide.

This combined purchasing ability enables us to get the most amazing offers, net rates and best prices to our privileged members.

Local partners ensures on-the-spot member service across every region in the world.

If you want to create or change your travel plans or extend your holiday anywhere in the world, you can just contact with FARAH's offices in Istanbul for assistance.