1001 Nights Tour

Round trip transfer from Hotel to Istanbul In Restaurant. Gala Dinner and traditional show (Wedding Ceremony, Belly Dance, Henna Ceremony etc.) is included.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Start of the trip 07:00 am 
End of the trip 12:00 pm 

A Dinner Cruise that presents you all the beauty and the history of the Bosphorus, as only Face2Booking can do. You will meet Ottoman lovers proud swashbucklers, the bride henna ceremony. Romany girls(gypsies), a funny show Asuk Masuk, a belly dancer as beautiful as the Bosphorus and more!

-Transfer to and from hotel.


1001 Nights Tour

Round trip transfer from Hotel to Istanbul In Restaurant. Gala Dinner and traditional show (wedding ceremony, belly dance, henna ceremony etc.) is included.

1001 Nights Tour ( Orient House Restaurant )

Return transfers from Hotel to Orient House Restaurant. Gala Dinner and Show is included . You may find more information on website of restaurant http://www.orienthouseistanbul.com/

Lebanon Night - Sura Design Old City - New Year Eve Party 2017

Everyone is going to enjoy at Sura...
Lebanon Night on New Year will warm you up.

Lebanon Nights Program:
20:00 - 22:30 Great DJ Music
22:30 - 23:00 New Year Lottery
23:30 - 00:15 New Year Celebration, Oriental Show and Champaigne.
00:15 - 02:00 Great DJ Music
02:00 Night Soup.

Open Buffet Menu
Unlimited Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Bevarages
Night Soup

Note: You can't reserve this tour in another date, it's only available for 31/12/2016 night.


Limani New Year’s Eve Menu - The Grand Tarabya

Mediterranean Mezze Platter

Feta Cheese, Bonito Lakerdes, Marinated Tiger Shrimp,

Hummus & Pastrami, Stuffed Vine Leave,

Clotted Yoghurt With Dried Mint and Garlic, Aubergine Salad,

Chili Crete Cheese Spread, Muhammara

Grilled Octopus

Garlic Bread, Garden Greens and Rouille Sauce

Pomegrenate Sorbet Alaska

Grilled Sea Bass

Fondant Potatoes, Sautéed Butter Spinach, Grilled Baby

Zucchini, Carrot with Volute Sauce

Quince and Pumpkin Dessert, Rolled Kadayif Mastica

Flavoured Pudding

With Buffalo Cream


21:00 - 02:30



New Year’s Eve 2017 - Burgu & Tango Arjaan by Rotana

Burgu Arjaan - Istanbul, They say how you spend your new year’s eve, is how your next year will be for you. Celebrate the last hours of 2016 with your loved ones at Burgu & Tango Arjaan by Rotana and have a memorable start of another wonderful year ahead with lovely tunes of popular local band Meya Pop Xtra and special delicacies from our award-winning Executive Chef Rafet İnce and his talented team.

New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Menu

•  Chef's Modern Mezze Platter
• “Kibbeh” Stuffed Cracked Wheat with Minced Meat and Walnut
• Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Rice with Spinach Cream and Thyme Oil Flavored Glace Sauce or;
• Oven Roasted Turkey, Pilaf with Season’s Fruits and Chestnut 
• White Chocolate and Carob Parfait
• Seasonal Fruits 
• Tripe and Lentil Soup (After midnight)
• Unlimited Local Alcoholic Beverages





A Dinner Cruise that presents you all the beauty and the history of the Bosphorus, as only Turnatur can do. You will meet Ottoman lovers proud swashbucklers, the bride henna ceremony, Roman girls(gypsies), a funny show Aşuk Maşuk, a belly dancer as beautiful as the Bosphorus. Thousands of people from every corner of the world have come to love the Turnatur Ships and there multilingual staff. You will feel and live all the civilizations of the Bosphorus.

Turkish Night - Cappadocia

Turkish Night Show is organized not only to let you experience Turkish culture and traditions but also to have a real entertainment and show after a relaxing Cappadocia day. We pick you up from your hotel in Goreme or other towns of Cappadocia at 20.00 in winter and 20.30 in summer and drive you to one of the cave restaurants of Cappadocia where the show will be performed. The show begins with a live music performance, songs from different parts of Turkey. During the whole night, there will be live music performed by a traditional wearing band. Later on, folk dancers come in with their local dresses and the dances start.
The dancers, including the bride and groom, come on the dance floor and perform the traditional way, which a girl gets married in Turkey. The bride dressed in a beautiful red dress dances in the middle and the groom comes up and put on different shows for her. He first shows how handsome he is, and than how strong he is and finally how rich he is. After rejecting all these shows one by one, the bride accepts to get married with him when the groom tells that his heart beats for her. While they are strating to their wedding dance, all the guests are invited to dance with them, as well.
After a couple of other folk dances from different parts of Turkey, the highlight of the night comes: Belly Dancer! She makes her breath-taking dance and teach the ones who are volunteered to learn belly dancing!
After some other dances and shows like fire dance, caucasian dance with knives and drum show, the night ends around 23.30 and we drive you back to your hotel for a deep sleep.
During the night the waiters will serve unlimited soft and alcholic drinks with appetizers. 

Whirling Dervishes Ceremonies

Semâ is the inspiration of a Sufi order, Mevlânâ, as well as part of Turkish custom, history, beliefs and culture. It is performed in seven parts the different meanings of a mystic cycle to perfection (Ascension Mirac). Contemporary science definitely confirms that the fundamental condition of our existence is to revolve. As a consequence of this confirmation, every thing revolves and man carries on his life. By the circulation of his blood, by his coming from the Earth and return to it, by his revolving with the Earth itself. But man is the processor of a mind and intelligence which distinguished him from and makes him superior to other beings…
The Semâ ceremony represents a mystical journey of man's spiritual ascent through love, finds the truth and arrives to the “Perfect”. Then he returns from this spiritual journeys as a man who reached maturity and a greater perfection, so as to love and to be of service to the whole creation, to all creatures without discriminating in regard to belief, class, or race… The
dervish with his head-dress(his ego's tombstone), his white skirt (his ego's shroud) is spiritually born to the truth, by removing his black cloak, he journeys to spiritual maturity.
While whirling his arms are open, his right hand directed to the sky ready to receive God's beneficence, gazing his left hand turned toward the earth, he turns from right to left, pivoting
around the heart. Revolving around the heart, from right to left, he embraces all the creation with affection and love…
The ceremony is performed in a cave house/carevanserai. Every night at 08.45 pick up from hotel and 1 hour ceremony. 10.30 p.m. ceremony is over and back to hotel takes 15 minutes.

Golden Night

Golden Night 


بأجواء عائلية ذات طابع شرقى رائع مع بوفيه مفتوح   golden night رحلة مميزة فى مضيق البوسفور على متن سفينة 

   بالاضافة الى برنامج ترفيهى على النحو التالى 

-عراضة شامية - الطرب العربى مع اقوى عروض الدبكة السورية --فقرة الساحر والعاب الخفة -فقرة الرقص العثمانى  طرب اصيل مع القدود الحلبية -فقرة ال دى جى -فقرةخاصة للاطفال - مسابقات وجوائز قيمة 



Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruise


The Maiden’s Tower is located 150-200 meters off the shore of the Salacak district in Üsküdar. Although it is not definite as to when the Maiden’s Tower was built, the tower’s architectural style is said by some sources to be from around 340 BCE.

Previous names of the Maiden’s Tower were Damalis and Leandros. Damalis is the name of the wife of the king of Athens,Kharis. When Damalis died, she was buried on the shore, and the name Damalis was given to the Tower. It was also known during Byzantine times as “arcla” which means “a little castle.”

After the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman Turks, the tower was pulled down and a wooden tower was constructed in its place. The wooden tower was destroyed by a fire in 1719. It was rebuilt from stone once again by the head architect of the city, Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Paşa. The cone-capped part of the tower was taken away and a kiosk fitted with glass replaced it. A lead-covered dome was later added to the kiosk. Rakım Efendi, a famous calligrapher, added an inscription with Sultan Mahmut II’s  signature on marble and placed it above tower’s door. A lantern was added to the tower in 1857, and in 1920, the tower’s light was a converted into an automatic lighting system.






75 USD


TOTAL 1055$

600 USD // 455 USD

Cost for Zorlu


455 USD